Brainspotting is a powerful psychotherapeutic intervention that encourages the brain to heal itself.
Brainspotting has the capacity to go beyond what traditional “talk therapy” can achieve, because it works at identifying, processing, and releasing trauma, difficult emotions, patterned thought or behavior at the¬†neurophysical¬†level. It acts as a catalyst for the brain’s natural ability to reshape itself, create new connections, and reach its maximum potential.
Brainspotting starts working immediately, and builds on itself over time. You may find that your initial problem is resolved in just a few sessions, or you may realize you wish to keep uncovering more of your potential over a longer period of time.


Brainspotting can help:
  • Enhance coordinated movement performance (athletic, martial arts, dance, fire/ flow arts spinning)
  • Release creative blocks and expand artistic expression
  • Enhance public speaking ability
  • Improve sleep
  • Let go of rehashing old hurts over and over
  • Increase resilience
  • Enhance confidence, assertiveness and sense of self
  • Expand your scope of what is possible


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