Somatic Psychotherapy

Somatic Psychotherapy

Soma is a Greek word that means body. Somatic psychotherapy is an approach to therapy that recognizes that everything that happens in our experience happens in both our bodies and minds, and that taking a holistic approach allows us to access deep healing and potential.

I primarily use somatic psychotherapy because I have seen how this work touches us at a deep level, even those among us who have had difficulty with traditional “talk therapy”. I’ve both experienced and witnessed in others a fuller understanding of where our habitual patterns come from, and the ability to access healing resources from within, that we may not have realized were just beneath the surface.   More strikingly, what becomes apparent when we pay close attention to our full selves, are surprising ways out of stuck situations, and clear new pathways to embark on.


Somatic psychotherapy encourages us to explore with curiosity and openness to change.  It gives us the opportunity to slow down,  take in our body’s subtle cues, and become comfortable in a place of not always knowing.  This interrupts the pattern of following our habituated ways of understanding, and invites rich, metaphorical,  insight to emerge.  We pay close attention to our present experience: sensory perceptions, impulses, inner voices, and habits;  and make space for our own subconscious guidance and creativity to come through.  
Through our work together, I’ll dive in deep with you, help you draw from your well of resources, and sit beside you as you seek out the richness that life offers. We’ll engage in a collaborative process of welcoming in your diverse aspects, opening to possibility so you may lead a more fulfilling live.



What I offer in my sessions:
  • Gently guided meditative processes
  • Deep grounding in your self
  • Witnessing you in the fullness of your being
  • Revealing and reveling in your inner wisdom
  • Honoring vulnerability and taking risks
  • Encouraging self-expression and creativity
  • Making space for all your emotions
  • Expanding what is possible through experimentation and discovery
  • Linking past to present and present to future
  • Spontaneity and playfulness
  • Connection and transformation
  • …and so much more

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