I am queer, gender variant, Latinx, Pagan and poly.  I focus my practice on the needs of non-binary and other LGBTQ individuals.   I am a social worker and psychotherapist and I have been providing mental health services for fourteen years. I have primarily worked with HIV+, LGBTQ people with complex medical, mental health and substance use struggles. My original clinical training was primarily evidenced based, and focused on cognitive models of therapy.

About nine years ago, I became fascinated by somatic psychotherapy.  While I have often integrated mindfulness in my work, I knew there was much more in the brain-body-mind connection that can be brought into therapy.  That led me to attend the 2 year comprehensive Hakomi training, an integrative somatic psychotherapy model that informs my work.  I also use Brainspotting, a powerful brain-body-mind approach, to heal and expand what is possible.  These experiences changed my life and my work, and I am so excited to share what I’ve learned with you.

We might be a good fit if:

  • You’re looking for a therapist who knows that you’re already whole, no matter how you may feel.
  • You want to be supported in staying present with your feelings.
  • You want someone who is there for you, no matter how you’re showing up.
  • You are curious about tapping into your body’s innate wisdom.
  • You want to dive deep into understanding yourself.
  • You’re looking for rich connection.
  • You’re up for a little playfulness.
  • You want to feel free to express aspects of yourself others may not understand, like your unique spirituality,
    sexuality, gender identity, or sense of your place in this world.
  • You want therapy to be an experience. Something fresh, simultaneously familiar and new.

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