Embodied Insight Therapy

Transforming lives through harnessing the body’s wisdom.
It’s hard to make the decision to come into therapy. You may not know for sure that you will be seen as you are, that you will be free to express yourself, that it will be ok to bring up parts of your life that you feel may not be understood or accepted.  I want you to know it’s ok to be cautious.  It’s ok to take your time to open up.   
Many of us have wounding around being seen, heard and accepted. I specialize in working with non-binary and other LGBTQ people, and make space for multidimensional identities. I want you to be free to bring up all of the parts of  your life that are meaningful to you.   This includes your poly/non-monogamous relationships, your non-mainstream religion or spirituality (Paganism, polytheism, etc.), and other parts of your life that you may feel you often compartmentalize.
I believe that therapy can reach far beyond just reducing symptoms and managing daily problems, and help us actualize our full potential. Each of us has the capacity to not only move through life’s struggles, but to orient our lives in the directions most meaningful to us, and create change in ourselves and in the world.  
My vision is to accompany my clients through their process of recognizing and uncovering their unique capabilities and find their pathways towards joy, resilience, creativity, fun, and fulfillment.

Here are approaches I use to help:  

Somatic Psychotherapy

A mindfulness based experiential approach to unlock your body’s deep wisdom and find your unique path forward.

Relationship Therapy

A dynamic, experiential approach to enhancing communication, connection and satisfaction in your intimate relationship(s).

Coming soon!


A powerful brain and body intervention to release stuck patterns and actualize your potential.

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